Unexpect The Expected

This post is about the new family member on the way.

She (we do not know the gender yet, but I like to use “she” here) is expected because we started to prepare about one and half years ago. (Yeah, I am Virgo and always plan.) I stopped drinking and signed up for gym membership. She is unexpected, as she is going to barely catch the end of Snake year.

There she is. The first time we met and was informed her arrival time. She is 50 days old. Our parents smiled, and started to spread the news. They planned their leaves and flight to visit us. My wife smiled, she can stop traveling and start to work from home with flexible working hours. I smiled, my hard work finally showing results and I can buy myself a bottle of bear again.



My wife stopped smiling. She started to get all kinds of symptom for early stage pregnancy. The little lady obviously has strong opinion on healthy food and doesn’t like seafood. My mother in-law has been with us for two months to take care of the recipes. With her experience and caring, my wife managed to keep her health and mood positive.

I have to express my great appreciation to both of them. Their support and understanding has kept me focus on my 16-hour * 7-days a week startup. I can’t image what would otherwise be.

With that, good to meet her again on her 71 days. She has grown legs and hands. A very thin umbilical cord is connecting her to my wife.


My wife started to feel better and better. Her belly started to showing the shape. She can eat more without worrying to vomit out soon after. She get the permission to had KFC and some spicy steamboat once each. Meanwhile, due to expiry of visa, my mother in-law is going to fly back soon.

During her visiting period, I have to say, life in Singapore has never been so enjoyable. You know what I meant when you are able to pursuing your dreams with all of your housework being taken care of. 

With that, we meet the lady again on her 89 days. Her legs and hands are clearly formed. She slept peacefully at first. Then either annoyed or excited by our visit, she started to jump back and forth. (Dammed, I was fully attracted by her movements and forgot to capture anything. It was such a precious moment for my wife and me.)



She is still growing very fast. And I am here to wish her good night.

Side note: my wife was born head of a tiger year. Her birthday and her birthday is going to form something interesting in Chinese. Not fully positive, but who cares.