Thats How I Started

I was born in late Aug. By astrology, I belong to Virgo. I have been never bothered by comments and advice on how the Virgo should behave, talk, or love. But one thing that matches well is that I am very organized. I am always plan ahead and execute accordingly. When I have big decisions to made, I always search for plenty of information and get as much advice as possible. Then I compare, or even calculate the risk I could bear and the benefit I could enjoy.

And yeah, I did try my best to prepare myself for this venture. I convinced my families, saved enough cash, invested additional money.  I found partners, wrote business plan, secured government and angle funding. I thought “Yeah, I am prepared. And I am ready to go”. Then I submitted my letter and handed over my tasks.

The next Monday, instead of suit and leather shoes, I put on my polo and sneakers. I realized my pants were a bit tight. Hmm… seems I gained a bit of fat. Instead of following the crowd into CBD, I dropped off near NUS campus and walked on a quite single lane. NUS Incubator has allocated a small room at the second floor of an unused bungalow as our office.

Before I open my Todo list for the day, I realized I needed to clean up some space for  my laptop first. As I browse through the list, I realized I needed a project management tools to coordinate the work between my partners and me. Then I realized we needed someone who can assist us in marketing, and we also need to have more developers to handle more and more plan. Then I realized …

Oh my… I can’t stop adding new items to my Todos. I was still overwhelmed by so much unprepared for running a business. We still have endless features to develop. We don’t know how to share tasks and knowledge between us effectively other than face-to-face. We don’t have any idea about accounting. We don’t have a proper Chinese name for our project yet. We don’t … My partners don’t even have an additional set of keys.

This post was planned two and half months ago as a mark of beginning for yet another off-the-track activity for me. The original idea was totally different. I imaged to write this post on that Saturday morning, next to the swimming pool I mostly visited. The result? We worked non-stop, 15~18 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than two months.

When I finally reached here, it is not about dreams and plans any more. It became the story. And this is just the START of our story.

Finally, I would say, the statement below on starting your own business is true.

However you think you had well prepared, it’s never good enough.

And I am glad that I have proved it.