Reading books make me think and improve. And I joy the feeling of getting lightened. Ideas and thoughts I absorbed are like beacons that light up in front of me while I ventured in the ocean.

The two recent books I listened, read, reviewed, and experimented “Smartcut” and “So good they can’t ignore you” has once again filled off-work schedule with fulfilling activities.

I have long understand the fact hard work is not necessary lead to result I desired. But the then what questions has never stop bothering me. These two books offered me insights from two different directions by providing vivid examples of how achievers make their impact through both sweat and smile. With dedicated training, constant feedback and fail forward, and smart planning and strategy the door of enjoying of I do while improve other’s life open up.

Motivational books and talks do help me boost my productivity the week after reading them, the effect fade away soon after I was buried again by daily job and responsibility assigned to me. Even when I got reminded and return back on track by occasionally flipping through previous notes or another motivator, the doubt of “is this the way keep” me from dedicate longer period of life into the same path.

By moving away from the city since I realised and explored my identity, by detaching from people I have friended with since I started to build my impression, I am in a state ready to have a full OS upgrade. I moved to a different country, stayed in a new apartment, shifted my career, started to meditate, avoided all late appointment, protected every Sunday morning. I am focused but calm. I make fewer but more important decisions. I process fewer items but each one give me more pleasure. I spend less time worrying, complaining, and self-doubting and put more effort in creating, learning, and getting feedbacks.

I learned to give up things of low quality and skills that I won’t be able to become an expert.

I am glad where I am now.