Notes on Seth Godin’s “Poke The Box”

The seven imperatives:

  1. be aware: aware of the market and who you are
  2. be educated: to understand whats around you
  3. be connected: to be trusted as you engaged
  4. be consistent: so the system know what to expect
  5. build an assets: so I have something to sell
  6. be productive: so you can be well press
  7. to have guts, heart, and passion to ship

The Elements of Production: an idea, people to work it, a place to build or organize it, raw materials, distribution, money, marketing… All of these elements are cheaper and easier to find than ever before…what matters is saying GO

Make your schedule before you start so you want be discouraged or distracted when you lizard brain kicks in… You just have to show up

A creative person is satisfied once they see how a trick is done. The initiator won’t rest until he does it.

There’s a lot of “good enough” (mediocre) products that get the job done without a hitch…the challenge is to find the energy and will to challenge the mediocre.

Behind the initiative you must define 1. Why? And 2. Don’t be a dick

Poking doesn’t mean right. It means action.

If you can’t fail, the poking doesn’t count.

“There are two mistakes once can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way, and not starting.” –Siddhartha Gautama

Don’t confuse poking the box with the flat out stupid. The decision to ask a question that is certainly “no” are just a work of the lizard brain setting you up to fail, because its easier than succeeding.