There are a lot of great news on innovation in China. It happens in different industries such as ecommerce, payment, offline-to-online, and the hot new wearable industries.

Companies and products such as Xiaomi, Wechat, Taxi Apps, Alipay become the stars that pictures a bright and excited image for the environment and trends for the ecosystem.

But I won’t be so optimistic about the innovation in China just yet.

Innovation on individual product or services is based on experience and perspective of the entrepreneur. This pulse may not be able to generalize to the ecosystem. Apple and Google created a platform that allows innovators to build on top and that brings us to the whole new world of mobility and smart devices. Amazon use it’s AWS that brings cost down and convenience to developers and SMEs so that more people can take advantages of cloud computing. Facebook and Twitter open up their social API to allow business tap on people’s social connections which brings a new wave of social innovations.

With these example, i hope my concerns are clear. Innovations are not happen alone. It requires communities, ecosystem, infrastructure, etc. Most of the inspiring products from China are still built on top of or borrow from Silicon Valley.

Well, I am still excited to find so many innovation going on in China. Some of them are solving real world problem and marketing people life better. And I also believe that the environment and community will get even better. I just hope people are still humble and mind open to learn from practices at what the other end of the ocean.