Get The Shit Out

This is a bit of awkward blog. I got the idea when I enjoy my “moment” this morning after a few days missing it.

Claims: Due to my vobcabulary in this topic, some words used below may not be accurate

It comes quite on time for me on normal days as I follow my daily routine. I will wake up around 730am, travel to work or do some reading on Weekends, and have my breakfast around 9am. After the coffee, I will start to remind myself subconsciously I need to find a comfortable place to get myself ready. I will always bring something to read. It is kind of like the bell that makes a dog sliver. After I read through the first paragraph, always until I finish the first paragraph, things will drop out. While I continue to read, things all go through smoothly. After that my days continue, be it a happy productive day or stagnant stressful one.

I didn’t give much thoughts about it until I started my training course a few days back which required me to travel to a new place and situations around are not as familiar. My attention is shifted and my body still trying to adapt. My subconscious stopped working and I missed the golden time frame for me to get those rubish out.

About 5pm of my first training day, I remembered my missing activity. Hinted or just by nature, I start to feel toxicated. I was trying to remind myself about the feeling I normally have after my coffee. I even started to image the things flowing in my body moving step by step to the asshole. But it always stopped somewhere slightly below my belly. I tried very hard to “move” it down a bit further, but out of luck.

I have been out of luck for a few days. Left over food a few days ago mix with the new comers and plus my imagination and constant reminder from my “toxicated” body make me a bit uncomfortable. It didn’t bother me a lot when I was focusing on the new materials. But it got a bit embarrassing during breaks. Well, as the food get digested and the left overs yeasted in my body, some gas leak out constantly. I knew that the gas won’t smell any pleasant based on my experience at night when I was alone. As a result, I need to find some excuse and fart in some distant place and hope no one would come close before they got diluted.

I woke up very early this morning, had my breakfast, and arrived the training location way early. I grabbed another cup of coffee and waited in the class room half-patiently. Maybe my body finally gets used to the new enviroment. Maybe things inside my stock just too much to be contained anymore. Maybe the relaxing environement in the early morning classroom. Maybe the coffee here is more effective. Maybe … I finally found my trigger this morning.

As the stuff came out, I couldn’t stop thinking, what a simple habit that keep me happy or at least save me a lot of worry for my days.