New Toy – Acer S3

Get my new toy to facilitate my work on the move. My MBP is working great and I have enjoyed the excel experience with its hardware, os, as well as softwares.

But one big problem is its weight. While I had to carry it from home to office and back home again 6 days a week. My shoulder really get trained up. When I finally reached home, I would feel the pain and lack of the energy to continue my work at night.

Last weekend, while we were visiting an baby facility show, I finally made the decision to have my productivity at night back again. Among a few items for my baby girl, I had my Acer S3 back as well.

It was quite powerful and stable to perform most of my works like issue management, wiki maintenance, planning, etc. Only draw back is the windows 8 system. So I have to create an ubuntu VM to actually perform my development work. Luckily, the S3 is powerful enough to support.