Daily Inspiration Quote

It is ok to not understand, but it is not ok to think you know something that is not accurate. — P.J. Ornori, In Defense of Hard

Daily Inspiration Quote

Follow those who follow something bigger than themselves – an idea, a belief, a vision, a cause. Run away from those who say we need to follow them.  — Start with Why

Short Term and Long Term

A little reminder for myself: When things are tough, there is always a tendency to look around and envy others on what they are doing. Big funding rounds, high profile PR, corporate welfare, attractive salary and bonus packages… Keep my own focus and follow my own heart and passion needs courage and reminders. Don’t give in to the short-term happiness …

A Brief Aha on Chinese Medicine

I started to read books on Chinese traditional medicine since my daughter’s sickness last week. I hope I can find out something useful in protecting my families through the ancient wisdom. The first things I like to note down here is about the misconception of Yin(阴) and Yang(阳) we have always heard of in Chinese traditional culture. Yin and Yang is not only …

2015 – Writings Up Front

Well, this is my new year resolution. 1. Get Real. I will use real names and real photos. I won’t try to hide behind the wall I pretended to be able to protect me from getting hurt. I will talk, write, and create using my own voice rather than pretend to be someone anonymous. I finally created this blog with my own domain and …